Leanne Cusack

Painting is new to me.  It’s become a gift and an escape.  My job is busy, people and conversation-filled.  Painting is quiet.  Mixing colour, meditative.

I held a “grown-up” paintbrush for the first-time in 2012.  After twenty years in the country, I made a home in New Edinburgh, sharing a yard with landscape artist, Gordon Harrison.  Whoever said “it’s like watching paint dry” to represent the mundane, has never watched Gordon’s paint dry.  I would go into a “kid in a candy-store” trance.

I bought myself a private painting lesson with Gordon for my birthday, and for the next four birthdays.  I was hooked.

Most of my canvases are floral landscapes.  In this series, sunflowers are reminiscent of my time on the farm, hollyhocks, a reminder of my grandmother, and childhood on the East Coast, and I paint Queen Anne’s Lace because it is so tenacious, yet delicate.  You will also see elements of ‘The Gatineau’ I now call home.

It means a lot to me to hear my pieces described as joyous .  Art is supposed to make us feel something and that is an energy I am happy to share.